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About NYC Dental Wellness and Bergen Dental Wellness

General Dentistry & Cosmetic Dentistry located in Midtown East, New York, NY and Bergen County, New Milford, NJ

Dental Wellness

NYC Dental Wellness and Bergen Dental Wellness provides personalized, holistic oral health care to adults and children in Midtown Manhattan, New York, and New Milford, New Jersey. Experienced dentist Allison T. Moses, DDS, and her dental team value the time spent with each patient learning more about what they need to better care for their minds, bodies, and souls.

The team takes a whole-body approach to oral health and overall wellness. They emphasize the importance of preventive dentistry services like routine dental cleanings, dental sealants, and oral cancer screenings.

Holistic dentistry services are also available to manage and prevent progressive gum disease. The team also provides composite resin replacement fillings to eliminate health risks associated with mercury-based fillings. They use world-class technology to minimize the exposure of their patients and staff to harmful chemicals and radiation.

NYC Dental Wellness and Bergen Dental Wellness specializes in restorative dentistry services like dental bonding and dental crowns to preserve oral health. The dental team also offers cosmetic dentistry services like veneers, Invisalign®, and professional Zoom teeth whitening.

For individuals with sleep apnea symptoms like loud snoring and daytime sleepiness, the  NYC Dental Wellness and Bergen Dental Wellness team offers in-office evaluations and personalized treatment plans. They can also custom-fit dental devices for those with persistent jaw pain from TMJ/TMD (temporomandibular jaw disorders).

The NYC Dental Wellness and Bergen Dental Wellness team firmly believes that whole-body wellness is closely tied to dental health and provides lifestyle and diet wellness resources to support physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Flexible scheduling is available for all appointments, and the team offers same-day visits for dental emergencies. Sedation dentistry services, including nitrous oxide, are also available for kids and adults with dental anxiety.

Call the office in Midtown Manhattan, New York, or New Milford, New Jersey, today to schedule a consultation or book your appointment online.

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