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At Dental Wellness, Dr. Allison Moses focuses on holistic dentistry and treating your entire body and well-being with expertise. With our holistic approach to dental care, we focus on promoting better health and wellness for both your mouth and the rest of your body. Learn more below, or contact us now for an appointment in Bergen County.

Holistic Dentistry

What Is Holistic Dentistry?

There are a lot of different definitions for “holistic dentistry.” The term “holistic” refers to the idea that your oral health and the health of the rest of your body are connected, and that which affects one part of your body can affect the health of other parts.

For example, if you have a metal-amalgam filling, the mercury from the filling could potentially cause toxicity in other parts of your body. Or, if you have gum disease, the inflammation caused by gum disease could contribute to your risk of heart disease.

At Dental Wellness, we use this approach to ensure that your oral health is protected, and that the rest of your body is healthy, too. We want to empower all of our patients with the tools they need for better overall health and wellness, and provide guided, customized treatment plans that help our patients take control of their health.

Pediatric Holistic Dentistry

Care For Little Ones

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Kids can benefit just as much as adults from our holistic approach to dentistry in Bergen County. Using a holistic approach, Dr. Moses can track the health and development of your child’s mouth as they age.

As family dentists, we treat kids of all ages with pediatric holistic dentistry. If you’re interested in learning more, just contact us to schedule a consultation. We’re always happy to meet you and your little ones at Dental Wellness.

SMART Amalgam Removal

Get Rid Of Mercury Fillings

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At our office, we use special tools and precautions to safely remove metal amalgam (silver) fillings. These fillings are typically made up of more than 50% mercury, which is a toxic metal that has many known dangers to humans.

With SMART amalgam removal, we can quickly remove these fillings safely and restore your teeth with metal-free composite fillings, protecting your overall oral health. Composite fillings also look and feel more natural, so this can improve the appearance of your teeth, too!

Biocompatibility Tests: Protect Your Health

We offer biocompatibility testing for patients who are interested in treatments like dental implants, but may be worried about allergies to titanium and other issues that can lead to complications during the treatment process.

Dr. Moses uses the latest biocompatibility tests to make sure that any dental prosthesis you get at Dental Wellness won’t negatively affect your oral health. By doing so, we can ensure your treatment does not cause any unexpected complications, and preserve your oral health and overall health.

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