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How Do Same-Day Implants Work?

Using computer-aided technology, we can examine you, create a crown, and place a new dental implant all under the same roof.

3D Exam

Our implant specialist will use an iTero scanner to produce a 3D image of your mouth and teeth.

Create the Crown

Using a CEREC machine, we create a temporary crown to fit on top of your dental implant.

Place the Implant

The implant is placed where the missing tooth belonged and is encouraged to attach itself to the bone tissue.

Learn More About the Technology

Discover how we use virtual mechanics to restore your smile.

Virtual Dentistry Is Here

Thanks to our 3D CT scanner, we can perform the implant surgery in a virtual reality platform before the big day.


Here are some fast facts about our same-day dental implants technology.


Instant ImagingInstant Imaging

Don’t like biting down on soft gooey material? The CT digital scanner takes just 14 seconds to show images of your entire mouth.

The Big Picture

Planning is everything. We cover every angle and corner by taking 200 photos of your mouth to render a 3D replica on a big screen.

Surgery Preview

Our dental implant expert can run a 3D simulation and perform the surgery virtually. This is how we eliminate any guesswork or surprises.

Accurate Results

Using state-of-the-art computers and lasers, our in-house surgeon performs with very little trauma and no additional incisions or stitches.

Have more questions about Dental Implants?

Get the answers from our Midtown dental implant specialists.

How painful is the procedure?

Overall the procedure is quite painless. We have a variety of options to ease the comfort and manage any potential discomfort associated with these procedures. We may use local anesthesia, nitrogen gas, conscious sedation or IV sedation if desired. However, the majority of patients have reported that the experience is far less painful than they ever anticipated! In most cases, you can get away with regular local anesthesia, and you will feel the same as having fillings done.  As your anesthesia wears off, you might feel some soreness like after an extraction.

Who are the best candidates for dental implants?

Most people are candidates for implants! Patients that have lifestyle habits such as smoking or have existing gum problems are not ideal candidates. With our in-office technology, we can determine quickly and easily whether or not you would be an ideal candidate. If a dental implant is not the right treatment for you, we have several specialists in the office who will find the right solution to each situation. Our dental staff includes a periodontist and prosthodontist along with an oral surgeon who will be able to provide you with an alternative option.

Is dental implant noticeable in the mouth?

Technology has improved tremendously so you can be confident that your smile will look and feel amazing! Your implant will look just like any other teeth in your mouth. A crown or a bridge and even denture go over it like over a regular tooth. We promise nobody will ever realize you have a prosthetic! In the case of a denture over several implants, you don’t need to take it off every night anymore! Great new developments in dentistry are offered in our office that can make your life so much easier and enjoyable.

How long is the recovery period?

The recovery period varies for every patient. Everybody heals differently and at their own rate. Sometimes patients say they don’t feel anything, while for others it takes a little longer. In most cases, our patients do not take any time off and can go back to their normal lives right away.

How expensive is a dental implant?

Any dental work is an investment; it’s an investment in your health. When it comes to your health, you should not try to save but be wise and do your homework. We invite you to ask us any questions before or after the procedure and express your concerns. We do a lot of dental implant placements and restorations in the office, but each patient and situation is different and depends on various factors.

A dental implant is a solid long-term investment if properly cared for. We have patients who had implants placed by our dentist over 15 years ago, and they are still properly functioning. You need to make sure you regularly come for periodic visits so our clinical specialists can review the gums and clean professionally around the implant.

Our office offers different types of payment options that can help you with payments to ease the potential financial burden. We offer Care Credit, Lending Tree, and Health Services.

How long is the procedure?

Generally, dental implants are placed in less than two hours. The implant process from start to finish will be around 3-6 months. After that time our dentist in Midtown Manhattan will determine when the restoration, crown, bridge or denture, is ready to be placed.

Are Dental Implants the Ideal Choice for Me?

Getting dental implants in New York is not a decision to be taken lightly, which is why we are offering a free download to help you with your decision.

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